Failure could cost their lives, but victory will tear them apart.

Penniless mercenary Belisare and reluctant noble’s son Lir have survived the treacherous journey to arrive in his family’s kingdom. After half a lifetime away, returning brings up all the bad that he left behind, and confronts her with the perfect life and darling fiancée waiting for him.

Tovan, Lir’s cousin and the man who hired Belisare to kidnap him, has been angling to usurp Lir’s inheritance. When she delivers Lir to the castle instead of the prison as intended, the traitor’s plan changes from sly cunning to brute force.

With his mother and sister in danger, Lir is committed to thwarting his cousin, and Belisare is unwilling to abandon her new lover. The pair face turncoat knights and blood-thirsty mercenaries, but the swords swinging against them aren’t enough to distract the pair from a question neither can give voice to – after this battle, what will become of their fledgling affections?

PARTNER TO TROUBLE is the third installment in the Shieldsister series, but can be enjoyed on its own. This fantasy romance is a sword and sorcery tale appropriate for fans of KUSHIEL’S DART and OGLAF. Put this steamy adventure in your questlog today!

Content Warning: Steamy love scenes, occasionally naughty language, and busty ladies in armor wielding swords. Intended for mature audiences.

Available in eBook format March 14, 2019.
Available in paperback and large print paperback later in 2019.

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