The Shieldsister Series

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In the Shieldsister series, readers should expect sword and sorcery fantasy, smart-mouthed characters, busty ladies in armor wielding swords, and steamy romance scenes appropriate for fans of KUSHIEL’S DART and OGLAF. The series is NSFW and intended for an adult (18+) audience.

The Mark (#0)

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What would it take for you to return to the family that threw you away?

On the excuse that he had to learn to control his volatile magical talent, Etrius was passed over as heir and packed off to Sulidore once his younger brother was born. Free to study his gift, he made a name for himself as Lir and gained an apprenticeship with a fastidious master. But when his mother sends word that his brother has died and calls him home, Lir is confronted by the duty that remains for him as Etrius. Seeking solace from those troubling thoughts in the arms of a lover, no matter how enticing, does nothing to stave off the summons. With his old life bleeding into his new one, can Lir stand to give up a life built by skill for responsibility bestowed only by his birth?

An Evening’s Truce (#0.5)

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No self-respecting mercenary captain misses a payroll, but Belisare is one contract away from just that. And no amount of coin will convince Belisare to use her magic, but that never stops her lover Gio from trying to change her mind.

With hard times thinning the ranks, Belisare doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to romance, and even less on making the coin to keep them all going. Rather than spend her nights cold and alone, she’s hung on to her erstwhile lover, Gio. Rather than disband, she’s taken one last, desperate contract before winter to try and make ends meet.

When convincing the lads of the plan goes poorly and Gio shows up in her tent, Belisare is more than happy for a few hours of distraction. But are Gio’s nighttime attentions meant to help her unwind or are they yet another attempt at convincing her to use the magical ability she keeps firmly suppressed?

 A Troubled Accord (#1)

Coming February 2019!

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Can you trust someone you met across an ambush?

A mercenary lives and dies by her reputation, but when the mark helps fell the troll that laid waste to her ambush and her crew, Belisare finds herself indebted to her target and forsakes her contract, offering to escort the lordling to his destination as payment.

A nobleman’s spare should be glad to be recalled from obscurity, but Lir had doubts about leaving a life he built on skill for a position based only on his bloodline even before the mercenary attack. When the troll proves the road as treacherous as the destination, he agrees to take his former enemy as protector.

Despite their troubled beginnings, Lir saves her erstwhile lover’s life. When her lover blames her for the failed ambush and ends their relationship, Lir helps her navigate the situation, but on the open road where loss isn’t the only thing stalking her, will Lir’s company be enough support to replace her crew and counter her grief?

Partner to Trouble (#2)

Coming March 2019!