The Shieldsister Series

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In the Shieldsister series, readers should expect sword and sorcery fantasy, smart-mouthed characters, busty ladies in armor wielding swords, and steamy romance scenes appropriate for fans of KUSHIEL’S DART and OGLAF. The series is NSFW and intended for an adult (18+) audience.

The Mark (#0)

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What would it take for you to return to the family that threw you away?

On the excuse that he had to learn to control his volatile magical talent, Etrius was passed over as heir and packed off to Sulidore once his younger brother was born. Free to study his gift, he made a name for himself as Lir and gained an apprenticeship with a fastidious master. But when his mother sends word that his brother has died and calls him home, Lir is confronted by the duty that remains for him as Etrius. Seeking solace from those troubling thoughts in the arms of a lover, no matter how enticing, does nothing to stave off the summons. With his old life bleeding into his new one, can Lir stand to give up a life built by skill for responsibility bestowed only by his birth?

An Evening’s Truce (#0.5)

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Some lovers have bad ideas. Some lovers are bad ideas.

Mercenary Captain Belisare doesn’t trust the magic in her veins. She’s seen magic do too many horrible things for that.

Her fickle lover, Gio, can’t accept her not using her power.

When the crew questions her attack plan for their next job, Gio has the answer. Magic will make everything about the plan easier, if he can just convince her of it.

Even in the afterglow of his seductive reasoning, Belisare refuses to rehash the old argument. She’s out of options and faced with disbanding a crew that’s become her family.

When her suppressed magic slips its leash in the night and ensares the camp, it’s up to Gio to bring her back to herself. But after this latest argument, is their connection strong enough, or will the magic he wanted her to use tear them apart for good?

 A Troubled Accord (#1)

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Who finds love across an ambush?

A mercenary lives and dies by her reputation, but Belisare finds herself indebted to the mark when he helps fell the troll that ruined the ambush meant to capture him. A nobleman’s spare should be glad to be recalled from obscurity, but even before the attempted kidnapping Lir had doubts about leaving a life he built on skill for a title bestowed only because of his bloodline.

Belisare forsakes her contract and offers to escort Lir to his destination as payment for his assistance. With the road proven as treacherous as the destination, Lir agrees. He doesn’t expect to be drawn to the strength and competence of his former enemy any more than she expects kindness from a man she hunted.

Despite their troubled beginnings, Lir saves her erstwhile lover’s life. When her lover blames her for the failed ambush and ends their relationship, Lir helps her navigate the situation, but on the open road where loss isn’t the only thing stalking her, will Lir’s company be enough support to replace her crew and counter her grief?

Partner to Trouble (#2)

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Failure could cost their lives, but victory will tear them apart.

Penniless mercenary Belisare and reluctant noble’s son Lir have survived a treacherous journey to arrive in his family’s kingdom. Coming to the castle brings up all the bad that Lir left behind half a lifetime ago, and confronts Belisare with the privileged life and darling fiancée waiting for him.

Lir’s cousin Tovan has been angling to steal his inheritance. When Belisare delivers Lir to the castle instead of the prison as Tovan hired her to, the traitor’s plan changes from sly cunning to brute force.

With his mother and sister in danger, Lir is committed to thwarting his cousin, and Belisare is unwilling to abandon him to face turncoat knights and blood-thirsty mercenaries on his own. The new lovers face not only swords raised against them, but their own diverging paths. If they survive the battle then their debts to each other will be paid, but what will be left to tie them together?