I always feel like I should have some clever, tongue-in-cheek description about how I was raised by wolves for twenty years before emerging from the forest and-

Wait, I think that’s actually a character backstory from a book I’m writing. And I wasn’t raised by wolves, I was raised by old people. At the very least older than I was, thankfully, but older than most of my friends’ parents as well. I don’t think they’d very much like me calling them wolves, and they were actually quite nice and undeserving of that title.

So, let’s start over.

Hi, I’m Roz and I write fantasy romance novels. I have one degree in theater and another in comic books, which were both attempts at figuring out how I wanted to tell stories. (It turns out I’ve always wanted to make books out of them.) I’ve been writing since I was an adolescent running barefoot chasing fireflies. I’m an unabashed fantasy fan, and I love ‘bad’ action movies and good anime. I learned I have to limit my intake on videogames because the kind that I like to play and the way I like to play them makes any playthrough I do a commitment that oftentimes involves phone calls not getting returned and controllers being thrown.

I’m glad you found me out here in the wild, wild interwebs. Drop me a line if you want to hear my theory on the plot structure in Terminator or just want to say hello.

You can contact me via email at: authoress@rpgarrett.com