No self-respecting mercenary captain misses a payroll, but Belisare is one contract away from just that.

With hard times thinning the ranks, Belisare doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to romance, and even less on making the coin to keep them all going. Rather than spend her nights cold and alone, she’s hunt on to her erstwhile lover, Gio. Rather than disband, she’s taken one last, desperate contract before winter to try and make ends meet.

When convincing the lads of the plan goes poorly and Gio shows up in her tent, Belisare is more than happy for a few hours of distraction. But are Gio’s nighttime attentions meant to hlep her unwind or are they yet another attempt at convincing her to use the magical ability she keeps firmly suppressed?

AN EVENING’S TRUCE is the first story in the Shieldsister fantasy romance series. If you like fantasy rpg with steamy romance, characters you’d knock a few back with at the pub, and an elfin heroine who carries her own sword, then you’l enjoy this novella by Roz P. Garrett. Pick up AN EVENING’S TRUCE to put this sexy adventure in your questlog!

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